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The truth is out; Now for the apology






The FACTS and EVIDENCE bore out the TRUTH in the DOJ report of this made up fallacy. Take the TIME to read the NY Times article HERE. Better yet, read the entire DOJ Report: HERE. Scroll to the bottom to download the PDF and read all of the report.

Is there more work to be done by the COMMUNITY and POLICE to mend relations? Yes, but that is a whole different debate from this shooting incident.

And major league level compliments to WaPo Opinion writer Jonathan Capehart for admitting he was wrong and supporting the truth about this whole sordid affair.  He realized the DOJ investigation was correct in proving everything on FACTS and EVIDENCE, not conjecture and hyperbole. See his excellent article and video HERE


Finding my cents’ – See if you like a theme journal

Expanding myself to fun things, with being semi-retired, along with my family’s help, I have developed a theme journal to give a new form of journal writing.

For as long as I can remember, our family would find all denominations of coins, mostly US, but also Euro’s, to use or in the past few years, collect. Eventually we began to keep them in a small dish that later expanded to a jar I sent home from Pakistan.

Back in the US for just over a year, I also have added to the jar which we just filled to the top.









The whole family has begun to take pictures of these lost cents when we find them to later place the coins in our collection known as the “Grand Pa” jug.




This collection of lost and found cents has become the theme for a journal for you to purchase and look at our finds, phrases, and write your thoughts on our theme or your own thoughts.

Hope you enjoy.

Here’s a link to review and purchase.