I like this picture

On a family trip to Scotland in June 2005, we happened to visit our first distillery, Glenkinchie in East Lothian. Not that it was special, it was near Jedburgh village we stayed the night. The proprietors of the bed & breakfast recommended stopping in for a tour, and a tipple, on our way to the east coast. We were heading over to Whitley Bay and took a little scenic route to the distillery and then down to the bay.

As the tour progressed from building to building, I noticed this door and the color. The plant, for me, filled the picture and a I took this shot. Seemed nice at the time, but later when I downloaded and was able to bring up the size, I really liked the angles.

And yes, this was before we made the sample room. And yes, my father (81 at the time and taking him back to England and France where he served in WW2 for two years,) and I did quite a bit of sampling. In the vernacular, several tipples. Seems dear Mother was none too happy that I would pick a scotch, taste the sample and pass it on to my dad. He was the scotch drinker and I was the beer drinker, but I’m not against trying anything, nearly, at least once. Mom had to drive after the visit and she wasn’t happy that I was the navigator and tried to read a map while a little blurry-eyed. We did make Whitley Bay though.

See what you think.